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SHEELD Accounting

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A 30-second approach to easily know your numbers

This 30-second approach to managing your finances and accounting will help you easily know your numbers, to stay on track of your finances, without asking your accountant - incomes, expenses, cashflow management, forecasting, goal tracking, bank accounts allocation - and to virtually automate your finances and your accounting with this simple sheet.

Virtually automate your finances and your accounting with this simple sheet.

You don't need an accountant to tell you how your cash flow is doing. With this simple little sheet, you can easily keep track of your finances in few seconds. Plus, you can automate it with your preferred automation tool.

Simply enter new incomes and expenses, in seconds, and let it do the rest for you. This sheet will help you track your goal progress for each month and quarter, and Know how much money you should have at any given moment, to avoid cashflow crisis. It works with almost all kinds of businesses and offers an at-a-glance way to quickly see the big picture.

The Overview will help you to:
· Analyze your income and expenses over a period of time.
· Find out your monthly and yearly net profit/loss, as well as a clear insight into your business's financial health
· Monitor your progress with the goal you set in place to reach

Using the Forecast function will help you to plan ahead and get a detailed look into what your future holds for each week and know the liquidity of your business to prevent a crisis and reach your goals.

➕ How to add a new Income or Expense entry?

1. Select the date of the transaction
2. Enter the provider or description of the transaction
3. Enter the amount in your local currency
4. Enter the taxes associated with the transaction (if any)
5. Enter the transaction amount in the original currency (if applicable)
6. Enter the transaction identifier
7. Done. You can now see the transaction in the Overview and Summary worksheets, and you can add additional transaction data if you'd like.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at:
I'll do my best to get back you ASAP, which should be within few hours (sometimes even minutes! 🙌)

🚨 Feedback & Improvements

SHEELD will continue to be improved as I get feedback on it. So, if you have any feedback, addition or improvements in mind, feel free to reach out, and it will be implemented ASAP.

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I Want To Simplify My Numbers! ☝️☝️☝️ Accounting sucks for entrepreneurs, because accountants aren't entrepreneurs. It's not their fault that reading accounting reports sucks.

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SHEELD Accounting

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